Bahji – a Bahá’í Holy Site

Project Details

The Bahai World Centre,

Project Description

Bahji Garden is the most sacred Bahá’í site. in its centre -the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh.  The site sprawling over 500 dunam in the northern part of Acre. In 2008 inscribed as a World Heritage Site for its outstanding universal value.
A detailed scheme, a building plan and landscaping appendix were prepared for the entire site and some of its fringes.
The objective of the plan: establish protection to the core holy place, allocation of land uses for public buildings, offices, gardens, pedestrian paths, and a logistics center with green houses and sheds.
The site core is the Bahai most holy place, already a well known pilgrims and tourist attraction. The plan crystallizes the core area, surrounded by interface zone as buffer, which designates activities to the benefits of its larger urban surroundings, into integrated plan.