Ein Kshatot – visitors center

Project Details

Golan Regional Council

Project Description

Historic site (formerly called Umm el Kanatir – Mother of arches) is already popular tourist site in the Golan Heights. The site is located near Kibbutz Nator, contains the ruins of an ancient synagogue from the time of the Mishnah and Talmud, which was collapsed by an earthquake in the year 749, close to it there is a fountain and remaining’s of a  Syrian settlement built on the ruins of an older Jewish village. The place is considered one of the national heritage sites of Israel. It is developed to keep it preserved while being accessible for visitors. the re-development designed by landscape architects firm Greenstein – Har Gil Landscape architects, whilst our firm designed the structure to house Visitors Center. The project initiated by the Golan Regional Council and financed by the Prime Minister’s Office.